Reiniciar el gestor de ventanas de... ¡Windows!

Todos (¿no?) sabemos que se puede reiniciar el gestor de ventanas en Linux (bueno, en X) con Ctrl-Alt-Borrar

Este es un buen truco para hacer lo mismo en Windows:

Go to Start > Shutdown. When the dialog appears, hold CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and press Cancel. Explorer will cleanly unload all of it's resources and shutdown. To start it back up, open Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC is one way) and go to File > New Task and run 'explorer'.

This method was designed for people writing plugins and handlers for Explorer who needed to be able to unload it all and start fresh without rebooting or uncleanly killing Explorer's process. Can be nice to know.

Fuente: slashdot